Khumbulani Mpofu
4 min readJul 12, 2020


Yes. Africans know God.

And I confess. I have a belief system that is grounded on Credo Mutwa theory. That Africans knew God before the colonizers arrived together with the missionaries on the same boats.

And those crews used their brand of religion to weaken our sensibilities, along with the flash and the gore of their gunpowder and gunfire. The missionaries convinced us that we had to toil hard and look forward and upward to a better life in heaven, after we died.

In the black consciousness renaissance of the 1960s and the civil rights and independence movements that followed on the continent, all of this imperialistic interpretation and sermon of hardship and endurance of the black man, was discarded, sometimes violently.

But the belief in God never left, it never left us. You can fact check if you want, but MLK was a reverend, Malcolm X was an honourable in the Nation of Islam and so on into the present. And Biko also suggested of our need for spiritual institutions.

And so you say I have no free will and that I remain oppressed by scripture that was written for none of my kind? But I insist that my free thought is not suppressed, and I must explain to you why.

I revere the spectacle and amazement of nature, I believe it is spectacular to the point that the Big Bang doesnt hold, there is so much of intelligent design that I think Darwin made too much of an assumption!

So yes, I believe in intelligent and intentional special design.

And you may look at us Africans in this day and ask why we flock to the churches and why fake pastors prosper. But, you have to understand that there is a reason that is quite profound.

There is still a lot of poverty in Africa, and our people cannot afford psychological therapy of the Western variety, having no medical aid and what not, so they get their counselling in churches. Because they have been taught and conditioned to shun their customs and traditions of healing.

But I see that there is a narrative that is building, amongst ourselves, asking why people could be so gullible to believe in the purchasing of anointed water, and believing it to be helpful to someone’s physical and mental condition. And we ask why, in the midst of their poverty, they would spend their hard earnings to give to the pastor, who then rolls around in a Rolls Royce Phantom.

For the longest time I also held that question. But I got to understand, after several conversations that led to reasoned explanation. But in all this, I am not advocating for the fake pastors.

But also, I recognised that I was contributing to an unhealthy narrative, which is also harmful to Africans, and weakens our attempts of building a culture of self empowerment and discipline.

Blacks, and African blacks have been led astray in so many ways, and without question, organised religion is one of the things that was invented to confuse us. And the fake pastors have weaponised/monetised that. And an empire of sheep, we have become.

But when you widen the lens, all cultures across the world have a belief system that is unique to them, and their people exist in servitude to that belief system, and in most cases they prosper and it yields to the wealth of their nations. And that belief system builds homogeneity and contributes to social/civil obedience and furthers their self-determination and collective resilience and their fortitude as a nation.

Have you tried to understand why everything just works like clockwork in Japan?

But our religions in Africa were imported, and corrupted in most cases. And now there are also some amongst us who have adopted a secular view that says I believe in nothing, not even the sun, or the moon and the stars. And the moon landing was fake, they say.

Yet, life started on this very continent. And we are more connected to nature than most. Believe me, there has been vast research and archeological digs to try and dispel that truth, but it remains presently undisputed a fact, life began here fam.

The other simple fact, is that we lived in peace with nature and occasionally fought between ourselves to gain dominion over the pieces of land that gave each of our clans and nations some prosperity. Yes, we had quarrels.

Yet, we were slow to recognise the sea and gain naval prowess to explore and exploit the other territories that drifted off the original Pangea, but that does not make us any intellectually weaker. Or make our original belief systems any more inferior that those that came on the ships?

Up to the time of Joan of Arc them Europeans also believed in witches and witchcraft and all the occult bro. And thats not even 500 years ago.

But anyway, the imperial powers won over us, we were weak then, we got swayed by mirrors, and the gunpowder and firepower that they possessed and we surrendered our lands and minerals.

But the meek shall inherit this special Earth and those that believe that the Earth is not unique can try go to Mars. We wont follow them.

We will sit right here and regain Pangaea. The land of our ancestors. And realign ourselves back to Elohim, who is God of all, and the universe.

No blasphemy.