Khumbulani Mpofu
4 min readSep 12, 2021

Whose truth is it anyway?

That other time I wandered off and I started to reflect on Identity a lot. I got some books lately, and I have been holding court with some friends about our history and who we are and what we are becoming.

A few notes/chapters back, I recollected and published some insight and thought that was inspired by a YouTube Pastor who I believed got some aspects of the story correct and a close to perhaps accurate definition of identity.

Well, I have some more news for you, pull up a chair fam.

Baqinisile uma bethi the truth shall set you free. Its not fair that when I discover the learning that I hoard it all to myself, so I share with others, and those that choose to engage/interact.

So I consider that perhaps Im a vessel, and that in what I am also discovering I should share and introspect with myself and others. By some divine decree, for those in varying degrees of separation, who are also searching for meaning.

The truth? I think it was hidden from us, intentionally and for malicious purposes.

Isibongo sakho is your identity and you can trace yourself back to the beginning of time when you follow your ancestry. To the first man if you can. And throughout all of that, I insist once again that you are a product of love through the generational lovemaking!

Discovering my own people gave me a sense of belonging and acceptance of myself , I thought I would never find. I discovered that a surname has a DNA coding that loosely programs one’s path. If properly activated.

I have been learning, one day at a time. And there is very few within “circles” that have public time for such conversations.

It is this that then got me thinking more about the question of identity and also, is there still any truth left?

Because we now live in the height of spiritual warfare and izimanga zamanga are broadcast to us in so many ways, everyday. So how do we discern what is real and what is fake?

When you dig into your family history and you interrogate the elders, you then start to understand that you just dont exist by chance. And you cannot just be a candle that gets blown out by the wind. You have a why and a how come.

Self discovery is not one finding themselves a new persona or character. It is in the search for identity and who we are and who we have answered to throughout time. And isibongo and deeper into isithakazelo is the story of all of your people. And its your internal wiring.

This introspection and interrogation is the ticket. Im not done with myself, Im finding that the search for self and the understanding of self actually leads you back to God. Thats been my most profound discovery.

You are made in His actual image, and therefore you are Him and He is you. Do you get that?

It means then that we have, in this incident of life, a perfect Symmetry, without distortion, at the start, from the first man and in the beginning of human/man time.

It means that, if you look in the mirror ubona uGod, and He has travelled with you since since! Sawubona, bra God 😀.

And so, your people and everyone when you see them ubabona bonke including the ones that came before them. They were/are all made in His image. You stand everyday in front of God’s clones! 😂

His People!

Yet, we are told in the revision of the truth that we must externalise our prayers and pray outwards.

The colonisers really did us dirty by disconnecting us from our identities because at that same time they disconnected us from our divinity.

Ngamanga, what we got to know as religion is at best, a complete deceit, uNkulunkulu lives within, just as Satan lives within and fights in a duel against the Good that exists inside of us that we are born with. We were/are misled.

Because at birth we come into the world in complete purity and without sin.

All of life is sin from the day that the child starts to make choices. It gets worse as you grow up because the choices get even more and more difficult for sustenance and survival.

Teenage years, you mutate and you start discovering so many sinful things that your parents warned you against from when you were in your terrible two’s/fours. That time when you started getting petulant.

The Devil is also the Sorcerer in Chief. So the choices that you have had to make also have been laid out as options by that dude and not the other dude that fuels the blessings and the blessed things.

So, the most profound prayer that I have at this point is that I ask, in supplication and regularity when I phahla, is that I stay clear of bad choices, and that I get fortified in the will and the fight against all manner of temptation that is screwn over the path that Elohim/uMvelinqangi designed. And away from the Devil’s materials.

Im still young in this fam.

Peace be with you. 💙

— — — —

Inspired by a conversation with Mr M. Khumalo.