The glass is either half empty or half full. There is nothing wrong with that being your perspective fam, its what you choose to do about how you view the world that affects the rest of your life, and how you live it out in the world. And how the rest of us get to experience you.

If you aim to stay in the bondage of a negative thought ethic then thats also fine. But dont spread those vibrations to those that are trying to free others when they gain a bit of traction up the mountain. Its what you choose to do that matters. But allow me to say this, you have to make an impact.

But I do accept that, as long as you are black, anywhere in the world, you will have a different view of what freedom is, and what it isnt, in the space that you occupy. Shouting at each other in disagreement doesnt get us anywhere. We are all oppressed one way or the other.

Your definition of freedom is perhaps different to my own reality. And I dont have it good either, dont get me wrong. But then my own narrative can be abrasive to yours, in my best of times.

And so we differ and we can defer this conversation, and come back to it when we are much lighter and more at peace, for some further enhancement and refinement of thoughts.

So both our perspectives can then, in turn, be so vastly different to how anyone else of us the black African variety get to experience their own civil liberties wherever they can be in the world.

But I see us being here as vessels. For our souls that are travelling through the infinity of time and sometimes guided by some divinity or Deity. And our souls, they arrived here and chose us to carry some messaging into the future. And we are that multiplication of the base proteins of the DNA that were intentionally intersected and selected from generational copulation.

So you have to keep going to earn us some freedom, in whatever your definition or description. Keep us going fam. A lot of what we are is from the blood that we carry, and also the blood that we pass on.

If anything, that should be the motivation, to carry forward what purpose the ancestors intended for us, and generationally further and forward for our kids and theirs and so forth.

And so you being in the present middle of that chain is a perfect realisation and revelation of what your purpose is. To lift up and take forward through your kids and the generation of offspring that arises from yours, even when you were not directly involved in procreating them.

And even when you and their co-parent are no longer together, you cannot abandon that obligation. Because you should not then become an angry dlozi for them and the future of them when you move on into the next realm. There should not be Hennessy and goat meat appeasement for you ethuneni lakho.

And if you havent noticed, there is a war going on, and its spiritual. Connect with your God spirit and lets try to be better people that are free from oppression in all its forms. And we will have our freedom, in abundance.

U with me?

Explorer. Time Traveller.