We got lost.

We took a wrong turn somewhere. And we found ourselves in the dark of the woods. In the darkness. And in the thick mists.

But I have a debt that I owe you. A debt of profound gratitude, for giving life to these 3 people that give me life. And I am kept alive because I have to watch them grow. To be whomever they need to be.

You guided me, in the years, for me to get to where I am now, alas, we are here now and we have to make the future work for the 3 souls that we gave life to, and accepted to be their guides, within this passage, and as far as we can. And we agreed to that.

But I think you got to a spiritual plateau much earlier than I did. And I regret that I was a slower student. And in the later years it felt like besekulwa amadlozi ethu. And all sorts of covalent bonds were shaken and broken. But you remain the breaker of chains, the last of her name. And the mothership for the 3.

And if I ever loved you, I will always love you, because thats how I was raised.

Thank you.



Explorer. Time Traveller.

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