Wake up, Africa.

Our problem as Africans is that we dont want to learn from others. China gave all of us the blueprints. They turned their country around in less than 5 decades. We can’t plan for longer than 3 months.

We are stuck in a rat trap and we keep bickering about politics and who said what to whom in Parliament in Cape Town and the Pan-African Parliament. Things that dont move us forward.

We only need to make policy, enforce it, smack whoever doesnt toe the line and carry on scoring. Its a simple thing this. Rwanda seems to be getting it right. And the media attention has turned towards vilifying Kagame because of that. Same thing in Ethiopia.

After World War 1, and after the 1929 Great Depression, there was a global reset. Same thing after World War 2, same thing after the '79 Oil Crisis. Everyone came out of these disastrous events with a plan, a Marshall Plan, a League of Nations, a United Nations and an OPEC. I dont understand why we keep going AWOL as Africa and Africans.

We have been handed another reset opportunity and I see us fumbling again as Africans. And South Africans in my community just cant read the map. It gets me upset. Because Im like, guys, wake up!

Here’s the other thing about China. China orders a machine once from wherever. They reverse engineer it, they make their own machine, then you never hear from them again, and you will be buying the same machine, thats now far advanced from Alibaba.com! 🤣

Why dont we do the same?

There is something called the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). Its our chance at uniting our economies.

We have to create our own EU and not Brexit ourselves in whatever renewed brand of ill-fated nationalism. We cant be found sleeping and waiting for the IMF and World Bank to come back and give us peanuts and chain us to loans and Economic Structural Reform, the way of Zimbabwe in the mid 90s.

We will force our kids and grandkids to be in the dog and in the armpit for years chaps. Lets not do it!

An ego death is needed from our leaders.

Thabo Mbeki tried to get us new prescription glasses and you all ran him out of town. He tried to tell us we are Africans and we are one people and Simunye!

NEPAD didnt die. Its alive and well across the continent. All the brothers up North have gathered themselves and are now economically armed. The West African trade bloc is awake, and so is the East Africans. SADC keeps hitting the snooze button!

Mina I believe God is African. And he is now very mad and crazy at how the world keeps raping us. We have to create justice for ourselves. History is a great teacher. Lets learn from the past and start planning and get in action for leapfrog and for giant leaps forward in the Mao way.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. Lets stop being angry on Facebook. We solve nothing there, echo chamber.

Another thing. If you create an idea, or if you study too far and you get a PhD. Just remember that your IP gets all the way out there to the other side.

We will never be able to retain and keep intellectual property. Its been proven more recently. Vaccine Patents are getting repealed, the only way to keep moving is to be in a perpetual state of innovation, just the same as what the Covid virus is doing, keep mutating, keep producing new variants.

Imitation is a form of flattery, that remains true until infinity. If you get stuck on having had the original idea you will get left behind. Dont get stuck. Stop, review and refresh, then move on. The Chinese and the Indians and Russians understood that.

We have to get more clever than that.

Thats why Chartered Accountants (CAs) have to keep getting CPDs, Continuous Professional Development is the tonic for you to keep learning and being more Kaizen in your profession, because shit keeps changing and you have to keep up.

That well of knowledge from 2003 is now dry if you got yourself stuck there with that qualification and never improved upon your knowledge.

Lets be the change fam. Thats the message.



Explorer. Time Traveller.

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