Khumbulani Mpofu
3 min readSep 18, 2021


The winter is past / The calm returns.

I was chatting to a former colleague on Twitter, she knew the work version of me from some years back. I was reacting to her classification of male Leos as being of a particular stereotype. It was a LOL moment.

In jest, I rejected the stereotype and made her aware that I am indeed a Leo, but I had to put forward that I dont tread/fit in her manner of description.

To be fair, when I was young, I used to be fascinated with the stars of the Zodiac. But then I got distanced when religion disapproved of it all and I never then bothered to understand or study astrology to make any sense of it past the point of youthful interest.

I got thinking from that convo, and also from my new exploration of the spiritual realm, that perhaps there is meaning and influence in it all. Surely, cosmology has a large effect and affects us more than we realise?

Because we are made in the same matter that makes up the universe.

And those galaxies and the constellations that gaze down at us in the night sky must have a consequence on our anatomy and physiology just the same as the moon and the sun do. And I think women are more connected to these movements, and also how the tide at sea gets affected. Oh, and that time when Mercury goes all retrograde.

Deeper into all this, we are spinning on a rock that sits inside of these cosmos amongst other constellations when viewed from a different vantage point in the universe.

We have to be related. We are in a relationship with the sky, dont you agree?

And though I believe that we were specially created, I also think that the Creator must have created the other materials in the galaxy and with some relationships that have a pull or push or grow effect on our emotions, and psychology, if not our bodies. We are celestial bodies, no?

I am trying to understand all this as I deconstruct what happens to me in the winter months (and thats a relationship with the sun), when my energy goes into overdrive, yet when spring arrives in the Southern Hemisphere my temparament and mood just return to calm and I gain an inner peace and I land on a higher plateau, with new ideas, new drive and new direction for the year thats coming.

And I have now started making corrections. And I am reflecting and reflective. Thats the mood Im in.

At some point I was searching for the Nguni Lunar Calendar, the one with 13 months, and I was hoping to find a narration and anthropology of the calendar that was used back then before the Julian/Gregorian insistence.

I was trying to find how it was authored in relation to cosmic events in the historical past of the Bantu/Nguni. I am still searching for that knowledge.

I dont understand some of the thoughts that come in the winter months, but I guess all is yet to be revealed. I am fed a lot of calm right now in the spring, and I am sleeping past my winter waking up hours. But I wake up promptly at the same daily hour of time in the morning, only later than winter wake up time.

Oddly, Im currently settling into a winter in the Northern Hemisphere, but in the same continental drift, and I am wondering what will happen or if the moods and energy that arrive when Im in the South will repeat in the same year.

Should be fun.

Peace be with you fam 💙