Khumbulani Mpofu
1 min readJun 3, 2019


You can go spend your life in church and you wont know God.

And you can become a minister or pastor even.

You wont know that He is you, in you and everywhere around you. And you can keep searching for God elsewhere and in the Bible and you wont find Him. God is us, God is happiness. God is the universe.

God is you. The decisions that you make, the life that you choose, how you deal with good and bad, how you choose the light over darkness, how you choose lying over telling the truth, how you commune, what good you do, what value you give, and how you help humanity. God is love.

And mankind. You need to live by a simple rule, and its really a simple rule. Just be good, and do good. Everything else follows that. You get what you give bro KB Mpofu

And if you give up, you are only giving in. And you will give in to temptation, you will be chasing skirts like my mans 2Pac said, and chasing waterfalls, like TLC told us back in the day. Just fear God bro KB Mpofu

You’ll be just fine. Fear the God in you.