The river flows / All this time.

There is a song yaka Sting. It goes:

“And all this time, the river flowed
Endlessly to the sea
If I had my way I’d take a boat from the river
And I’d bury the old man
I’d bury him at sea"

I dont know what he means with these words. But they are beautifully crafted as a carriage of emotion and sentiment and an unresolved trauma.

I thought about this song when the Oracle Sindi asked me this coming question. I had to be considered in my response because she was with me when Greece happened in 2008:

“I was worried about you frequently visiting sites with “spirits” given your spiritual gifts and sensitivity to the spiritual realm".

I now have a process for how to deal with it. The first time I came into the country of Egypt, I was spiritually attacked (as a welcoming) lol. But my people have settled in and I am now a bit part of the furniture.

When I returned to SA in July I had also come for spiritual fortification to understand what was happening to me and why the 28th of May had happened.

So now before I go to a place of great history and with spirits present I have to announce that I come in peace and only to learn and not to fight with anyone.

So its a lot easier and a lot less overwhelming to my senses.
Its mostly a peace that is similar to how you feel when you walk into a cemetery when there is no funeral, but to visit the grave of a family member or an ancestor.

I also have kind of built a circle of praying people, that challenge the Creator and the angels and guides that we are all in this life to heal and to elevate and extend peace and goodwill.

Water is a mainstay in my process, in particular a large body of water calms me, or a cold shower. And when I feel overwhelmed I then take myself aside and I pray for myself and for the world around me.

I then recover and gain some peace.

Prayer is a consistent constant. Once you have a process and an ability to hold a conversation with God, in your manner of speaking and in your language you are then able to free your heart and mind. Thats what it is when its said "let God".

Because everyone of us walks in Spirit and with spirits and we interact with good and bad spirits. And we also interact with other people’s energies. And thats why I avoid crowds and Malls. Before I got to know me, I never understood why I got so drained after being at the Mall. Even for a short while.

I think the problem with how we understood prayer is that we were taught to externalise a problem and we followed a particular prescription then. And I now believe that there is no one size fits all.

Because when you have the Pastor at the pulpit reciting the Lord’s Prayer as the only way its a problem. It doesnt actually allow you to express yourself to the Creator about your troubles and your inner turmoil. And so I was doing it all wrong.

It has boundaries and confines which are not in themselves accepting that I am in debt and I maxed out credit cards and that I am in overdraft and I am bored to my skull in my career and that my wife doesnt love me enough and that I am unhappy about career choices and I cant seem to get my boss to like the work that I do.

So, my ability to speak to Him that created me and all of us is then inhibited.

And I want to tell Him that I love Him, yet I dont quite feel safe where I am right now because every night I hear gunshots and the Honeydew police station is far away. And I fear what would happen if thieves broke into my house with my wife and daughter sleeping.

At the end of it all, prayer is the comfort you seek, and it matters not how you deliver that message of grievances and pleas to the God who is within you, around you and everywhere else in all that you see 😇.

Find yourself, and find yourself in prayer fam.

God is love 💛💙🙏🏽.

Explorer. Time Traveller.