We have to get out our dreams. Lets get out our dreams bro.

When we talk, sometimes I get very religious. Because your words arrive immediately at my centre and I begin to understand. We see all your work and your works. You are in service.

You have drive and you are driven, to get to the truth about us that are aBantu, and the truth about the Word and the words. I hear you.

I think, God is always talking and we only have to listen. He hears all our cries, all our aspirations and He knows of the peace that we yearn for. And we gotta believe that the change is gonna come.

He knows who and whom we love, and if we live our lives with just that one belief, and of that hope that good (God) will and should always prevail over bad/evil, then our problems are solved, and He then carries us along to the next and to the higher plateau.

Thats how it all works, and thats what I believe bro. And we have to testify and we have to give testimony to everyone and for everyone. And its all the things and the little things that have happened and that keep happening, that can only explain why we are still alive.

There is, in us, a greater purpose I think.

You are that which you think you are. I said this that other time, and I elaborated on why these words came and I explained them in a way that I understood them when they appeared in my mind’s eye.

Your heart drives your thoughts and your thoughts drive your actions. It all starts from the heart. If you get it wrong there, then you have it wrong in the rest of you.

And you my brother, you have a big heart, a massive heart. And you know this. Its a big place and its an engine room for the rest of who you are. You pump out all that is good and I have seen this about you. And thats how I have come to know you.

And thats why I have come to believe that God works through you and He has been doing that from your beginning of time. You only need to harness that about yourself and it becomes the light in your head.

I say this to everyone now. In explanation. My process is to write. To write all that I feel, and I write about what my fears are, I write my plans and I meditate and pray over them. And that becomes records that I keep. But I am still an ordinary person and I do need guidance for which way to go. And thats why I take it slow and I pray.

Then I take action. I gather the resources and the people and I talk to them, the people that help me along to meet with the vision. And we rise together and sometimes we fall together.

Sometimes I have to fight with them, if God has told me that they are the ones to strengthen the mission, I sometimes have to fight with them for them to see that they are part of the path.

We have to remember that we were once slaves, and in so many ways, we still are in chains, and every day we have to get stronger and gain some kind of liberation.

We have to work towards the greater design, to lift the others that are yet blinded and yoked up in a world of make-believe or the hocus pocus that is debt, or credit or the organised religion of false prophets and prophecy.

Whatever has been designed to hold us back as a people to keep us in subjugation. But yet, we are cautioned, by Kendrick Lamar that we should have respect, and we must read Corinthians and we must remain humble.

And we may yet arrive at an ego-death. Into becoming more modest.

You and I are not perfect, we must accept that. We must accept that all of life is an education, it is all learning.

Every day, as you wake up, its a new day and its all new and you can only attack it with the help of the knowledge and wisdom from the day before.

And we should know, still, that God is love. That will never change.

Thats the message. From the beginning of all time.

Explorer. Time Traveller.