Thats the message. When everything feels like its going wrong, and all your efforts dont seem to be giving results. Pray.

The thing about prayer is that you get attuned to yourself, and you connect with yourself at that moment when you have to hold a conversation with God. You get to listen to yourself. And you speak your truth, in your honesty.

Nothing in human life is free from thought. You think, and you are that which you think you are. To achieve all that you wish and dream, it has to come from what you think, that place, your centre.

If you think you are defeated, you will feel defeated and you will act defeated.

And so, holding a conversation with God, who is within you, is how you can overcome fear and uncertainty. So, pray.

Meditate over your fears, list them if you will. Or write them down. And then petition to God, for you to overcome them, because chances are that you think about all those things at each time of the day, and at night you lose sleep.

So prayer allows you to hand them over, and to get divine participation, as you ambition to solve for every single problem that requires your attention, or that eats away at your attention.

Take a walk, find yourself in the garden, or in the park, and lose the distractions, just so that you can gain your peace.

You will find your strength. You will regain your motivation. You will have your endurance.

You will be fine.

Explorer. Time Traveller.