Memories of the past / The Awakening.

Its interesting times that we are living in. I like how thina as this generation of abansundu are now gaining confidence not to tolerate colonially architectured laws and religions that previous generations were yoked to.

And it all comes from this Spiritual Awakening that I believe is happening around us.

We are in school. And its a different kind of education. There are no lies to be found. There is a revolutionary energy in the way of things. And I feel the vibrations as they get stronger with each day.

I was speaking to a high school friend the other day, and he is in a different country. Yet, he is challenged and is learning of himself in this new paradigm. My heart smiled.

He had some questions and I hope I had answers for him because at the end of our hour long conversation, I felt that his mind and heart were a bit rested.

Its things like this that make my heart glad. And when I pray, ngicelela ukuthi the God Spirit nje iqhubeke yenza izimanga and giving back the dignity, the identity and the divinity of us all to all of us.

There is a book about gratitude that was recommended to me some time back by a former colleague. I havent yet read it. But Im quite sure that it talks about the same thing;

And the point is that we must testify and give testimony and testimonials about all of the good that happens in our lives, and the things that arise from our prayers and from ukuphahla.

ukuphahla = prayer in the spiritual sense.

I get a huge amount of joy when I see gratitude taking effect and I think this is how it should all work and how it was designed to work. And in there is a joy sharing multiplier effect when gratitude happens.

We receive and give back.

When you celebrate something and you share with me. The testimonials are lifting and ngizwa umoya wami uphakama in celebration of the event and for the person that is you. Because you are now free in some sort of way. And because usukhulule isibopho that was supposed to prevent a success.

But also, I do love to celebrate nje, so any excuse will do, lol.

Ekubeni someone’s life has changed for the better, and they are more confident to rise up to the challenges they face and they are awake to amandla kaNkulunkulu.

We have suffered a long time. I keep saying. That other time I observed that churches are full to the bream on Sundays, and taverns and shisanyamas are just the same. All of that which is community therapy and the need for inner peace and healing. We arrive at it in so many ways, but it appears to be temporary.

Our psychology is damaged and we cant afford the western treatments.

And so as we are finding ourselves, and we find the ways of our past lives and the customs and the methods, and our relationship with nature;

I find that we have survived through time because we are who we are, and we have been there since the beginning. We had our unique ways of life, that kept us alive and in community of sharing, and we stayed alive as a people.

That can only have been through an instruction set that is divine.

Don’t you agree?