Khumbulani Mpofu
3 min readJun 10, 2020



In my darkest times, I just read through the Gospels. Then I started on YouVersion Bible plans and devotionals, and my spirits got lifted.

A lot of times faith feels like speculation. You believe what you cant see. But its a great, if not a crazy story.

All that wisdom that has survived Millenia, it cant have been a well executed and elaborate lie?

There is no way!

God is alive and present, and He sees it all.

And if we accept that God is present, then we have to accept that there is a great and just as erstwhile enemy, and equally forceful, who fights the bad fight. Right?

There is therefore a duality that exists. And we have these see-saw experiences in our lives. And the darkness fights the light.

So then, the forces of evil are just as omni-present, working over-time and on weekends against the good army, and we are perhaps extras on a grand set of Game of Thrones.

And the whitewalkers of evil, they entice and lead us astray and they oppose all that good that God has laid out for us. They tempt us and deceive us and they make us doubt. They are haters, them peeps throwing mud and shade at God, at every turn.

But I see you are not convinced, my friend. But please do accept this;

Above all, you have life and love around you. And you remain good to the oaths that you made. And you keep your promises, and you do not trespass. And you fight against temptation, as you go buy your daily bread. And you talk to strangers, and you give to The Samaritans and you donate to the Gift of the Givers.

But let me tell you this. There will be trials, and there are thorns. Hold on to what’s good. Believe in the good that is you and in you. Because God is in you.

And there is a beautiful word that you can meditate over. Lamentation. It expresses grief, anguish, and loss and anger, but its also a plea and a yearning for penance.

The book in the Bible is a petition of grievances. Thats Jeremiah whining away at God over the death, hunger and misery that had happened to Jerusalem. And we can find ourselves in lament, over the pain and heartache in our lives.

You are alive, and I believe God is in you. And you have that power to move and manifest, please dont allow yourself to be defeated.

You have achieved so much and there is still so much for you to give to the world and territories to conquer. Fail forward, recover your spirit. And believe.

May these words find you.



Khumbulani Mpofu