Im partially intoxicated.

This wine been having me.

But Im not driving. I’m home, and Im safely tucked in. We have had long conversation, and Im grateful for the day, and the highlights that lead to the nights, and the time for introspection, just about when I lay my head on the pillow, the time when I try to make sense of my world to understand. And sometimes shit makes no sense.

Im unconditional. I know that about myself. Im exclusive, you should know that about me, and Im convinced, but sometimes I misunderstand and I may misread your signals.

These emotions, they get mixed sometimes and I try to qualify them. But I have no benchmark, I cannot compare and connect to any sense of the past, in my previous existence, if any. This is all new, and its all you. Its expansive.

You seem to be putting my planet in rotation. 🌍

Im shit scared. The more I get into your planetary rotation, the more I stand in your midst, and the more I stand in front of you, confessing my love with each kiss, the more I am convinced. Even when I dont have the words, I think you can tell.

I want to give you more, more of me than I ever did. Just as much as I feel Im receiving more of you, than you ever gave, to anyone else, you say. And that scares me. That we have these two forces, each giving to the other, and each reaching and searching for a higher climax.

And we are exorcising the ghosts of our past/s. We are here because we gave, and it wasn’t enough. And we got broken. Along with the others, if they will care to admit it. But as each day breaks, for us, its a new song. A new melody that charts and replaces the previous day’s, and holds a new precious discovery of what we are, to each other. And we get ourselves better. We heal, from all the prior insanity.

And we stand together, and we pray together, for whatever is coming. We pray, that He keeps us together, as we learn, how to keep it together.

Lets stay together.

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