Ikhaya LamaDube / Friend or foe.

Khumbulani Mpofu
2 min readJun 16, 2021


Friends are family. You are all related one way or the other in the natural order of the world.

If your last name as a black person is not associated with something about an animal you must understand that you are somewhere in the hierarchy that befits your position in the animal kingdom. Its your house colours fam.

A Zebra is a beautiful animal and it wears these Yin and Yang colours, with a balance of both.

Black vs White, or it can mean Black on White, or it can mean Black + White or it can mean Black / White. But it never means Black - White (or vice versa). Either way, a Zebra is deceptive and instructive at the same time.

iDube will always show its true traits and character at some point. Just watch, it arrives like clockwork. It responds to an internal clock that tells it to behave in a particular way arising from what’s happening around it.

It is both a horse and a donkey. And these are animals of strong stock. They have horsepower and are used throughout the African continent and the world to make life easier for mankind and those that live off the soil.

But you need to keep a distance. iDube will murder you immediately if you get too close for its comfort and if you scare them or make them angry. Dont get close to their young, the mother will make you see heaven/hell very quick fast.

Disclaimer: My maternal grandmother carried the Dube name.