If its not the right time.

There will always be another time. You just have to tell yourself that. And that’s because sometimes we are overcome by fear, to act on the moment. And thats fine.

Its ok to not take the leap sometimes. It may mean that the time is not yet right, and that you have a few more lessons to learn, and to practise a little bit longer and a little bit harder.

Thats ok.

But at some point you have to do it. You have to free yourself and strike the iron, and leap a little bit higher, drive a bit further, dig deeper, get the early worm, blow harder, and push the pedal to the metal. Nahmean?

Because you came here into this life to do stuff. Bro, you didnt come around here after swimming past the other seeds, the breaststrokes, and then percolating for a whole nine months, and then breastfeeding and getting vaccine injections and learning the vowel alphabet in pre-school for you to come now and wimp around in this life? How?

No way thats true. I dont believe that.

How is that possible? That all this generational lovemaking that led you here could have been all for naught? No, you are alive for a reason, and you must give and show us your worth. Live bro.

Be. Do. Take. Give. Shine. Create. Voice. Perform. Act. Explain. Explore. Discover. Invent. Reveal. Provide. Prosper. Inspire. Unleash. Forgive. Bless. Inspire. Endure. Share.

Yes, share. Just as you now realise and come into your gifts. When you do. Share them, and share them widely. Be that black Father Christmas. Santa, or do you want to Asante and goodbye?

There is only so much of time that is available, and we are in here, in this dimension for a time, and we never can know how much of that time we have, to manifest ourselves. And so my encouragement is that you get out your dreams fam. Get them out. Dont leave them for the day before you die. Do it while there is so much of your breath that is available.

Do that thing and become a friendly ancestor who wont want the living to leave them fancy flowers and pottery and expensive whiskey at the cemetery. There should be no imisebenzi for you, you will be the one that set up the rest of the generations to prosper into eternity. You will be eternal as the one who progressed the clan. Be that Rothschild chap.

Be good.

Now, lets talk about something else….


Because it doesn’t make sense that one person can have so much, and others, so little. What about those people that believed in you along the way?

And thats whats wrong with capitalism. The accumulation intent does not bring us all forward. You can go. You go. And you can go so far ahead of everyone else. And you can accumulate all of the world’s materials and luxury.

But what does it help? Jeff Bezos has more zeros than we can count. And everyday we wake up to a new number that represents a new level of his individual wealth. In some currencies, his net worth cannot even be pronounced.

True, he created and went after his dreams. And got his worth to be more than the GDP of a few countries. But I dont see any headlines of what he has given back?

And Im side eyeing Elon as well. But thanks for the gorgeous tech 😍.

But at some point you have to gain a perspective and say, cap that, the rest of it, the rest of them ones and zeros is for mankind, the survival of humanity, you know? Let everyone else get out their dreams man.

But I do respect the sheer magnitude of his accumulation. Although I think, just as you meet with your wildest dreams, you must remember that there is yet so much that can be achieved by creating for a collective good. And a taking care of our humanity. And maybe thats a concept which is foreign outside of rural Africa?

But, we have a call for survival right now. Survival of our species. Fund some vaccine development hey Jeff? Or wipe out some national debt, for Haiti?

There was a society at my alma mater, it was called RAG. I found the connotation to be quite endearing. Remember And Give. Thats what the abbreviation stands for. And at the time I was a poor student, but I liked the idea. It stayed with me.

So if you do become a Jeff, or a Mark, do also become more like a Bill or a Warren fam.

That’s all I got to say on this day in August.

Remember and give.


Phehello’s words.

Oh yes!

While the time away! After you have done all you can, wait for the universe to move things closer.

Sometimes closer may not be experienced even as it happens. Closer does not always mean that it will be realized by you. It may be for your children or their children. Make sure you do your part to bring it closer for your family.

Make time to play in the sun to enjoy the journey, that you may be rejuvenated, that you may not despair. Remember you have a baton you took from someone with the purpose to hand it over much closer for your future generations. Work hard and leave no inch of your allocation not worked.

The things meant for you will not be taken away. They are coming. Remember the speed of time is constant yet slow and fast in the mind of man. Stand in the middle and relax. Calm your person. Calm your impatience.

Time brings all solutions closer. Remember when you don’t know what to do, let time serve the answer.



Hope’s Words.

When I become a Jeff I will certainly give to my family, create opportunity and pay my staff well so they can see the benefit of my employ.

I don’t believe in giving handouts just because one can. I only expect the wealthy to create real opportunities and pay people well enough that they too can start investing in their own futures





Explorer. Time Traveller.

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Khumbulani Mpofu

Khumbulani Mpofu

Explorer. Time Traveller.

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