Khumbulani Mpofu
4 min readSep 11, 2021

I hope that you’re ok?

That other time I wrote about grief and the process of grieving. And I was in the spirit when those words came. A relative had passed on and I had a sudden recollection of who they were and what they had been to me.

And I was thinking that the time had passed and it had become so many years in between since they had made that impact on me, and yet the internal print in my memory was still very strong, of what they had done for me when I was abruptly admitted into a hospital.

So the both of them, husband and wife have now been collected from this Earth by the Creator of the universe, and their energy has been transferred elsewhere.

Yet, we are left with these memories and these emotions of them as they are now fitting the description of the dearly departed.

I feel no anger, but I do feel a deep loss. But yet I have an understanding of ukuthi impilo ayipheleli emgodini. And I believe that both of them are now at a happier place free of strife. Thats what I hope for them.

And I was never this person, I had a different grief process and I dwelt in the sorrow of the loss for a long while. And I feared the reality of my own mortality. And since that first time I experienced a death so close, I was never the same for a long time after.

But Im realising now that I am not numb anymore when someone passes on, I do shed tears for a time if they were close or if they had made a great impact on me on some part of my life and they had created a strong impression.

But I do have a better understanding of the life and death process. And I do believe in the resurrection fam. I do believe that if its not immediate, then it comes at some point in the future, where the Master of it all makes decisions about what eternity is supposed to look like for all of us.

And now having seen the belief systems of the Ancient Egyptians, with some of it being mythology, Im understanding that there is just a natural law that prevails. And throughout life, across millenia, we have been searching for the answers and the loopholes.

Im insisting this though. Just do right. Simple as that. And pray for yourself and others. And get counselled.

I think the most important of the commandments that were given to Moses is the one about loving your neighbour and you treating them as you would yourself.

The Ancient Egyptians appear to have lived their lives preparing for their death, and more importantly, for the afterlife. And so there was a trend to build their houses of the afterlife in the grandest of fashions that were in complete opposite to their houses in the present life.

There is very little survival of the houses in life that the Pharoahs lived in. All that is left is their tombs and temples built for atonement and preparation of eternal life. The pyramids are graves, if you didnt know.

So modesty in life was a driving force and an influence on how they were to other people as this decorum was a measurement of their good heartedness at the gates into eternity.

This ancient belief/philosophy offers us guidance about our process of life, and the guardrails for living a life at peace, and leaving into eternal peace upon death. I think.

Because, your heart grows lighter when you do more good, and more good gives you restful sleep and better days into the future as you travel towards the final destination.

And so, dont be troubled so much by present circumstances. If you capture in your memory, the simple moral of this story, it is that death is included as one of the things we will never get to know and understand; just as we dont know why life gets given and taken away.

Its all a continuum.

We may ask why sometimes death happens to young people that are so full of life, when they were/are good people with so much yet to contribute to life and love, into the future. But none of us have that answer.

What I have come to understand is that the Creator has secrets, and these secrets will get revealed to us at some point that is not in the present. And science wont ever have the answers.

However much we cry in defeat when we lose family and friends, the mystery of mysteries rests with God. And we just have to trust that His design is overwhelming for us to understand in this realm.

We just have to keep the faith. And keep the family that is close to us close to us. While we are all still alive.

I hope that you are ok fam? 🙏🏽