The winter is past / The calm returns.

I was chatting to a former colleague on Twitter, she knew the work version of me from some years back. I was reacting to her classification of male Leos as being of a particular stereotype. It was a LOL moment.

In jest, I rejected the stereotype and made her aware…

Whose truth is it anyway?

That other time I wandered off and I started to reflect on Identity a lot. I got some books lately, and I have been holding court with some friends about our history and who we are and what we are becoming.

A few notes/chapters back, I recollected and published some…

I hope that you’re ok?

That other time I wrote about grief and the process of grieving. And I was in the spirit when those words came. A relative had passed on and I had a sudden recollection of who they were and what they had been to me.

And I was thinking that the…

Promises / And our feelings.

My dreams had stopped for a while since I arrived back in the North, from down deep in the interior of the South.

Im supposing that my people didnt travel with me on the aeroplane and they may have chosen to walk back up North rather than take indiza because…

When they leave / Grief.

When times get tough and when it gets difficult, at any time, we have to strengthen our belief and our love of and for God.

We have lost friends. We have lost relatives, family members and relationships. Through it all, we lost our processes of grieving.

The deaths of all…

Memories of the past / The Awakening.

Its interesting times that we are living in. I like how thina as this generation of abansundu are now gaining confidence not to tolerate colonially architectured laws and religions that previous generations were yoked to.

And it all comes from this Spiritual Awakening that I believe is happening around us.

Khumbulani Mpofu

Explorer. Time Traveller.

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